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Welcome to Sanatorium where all your dreams do not come true.
We are a casual PvE & PvP guild welcoming players of any skill or age. If you want to raid 2-3 days a week we got that, if you just want to find group for bg's or arena partner we got that as well, if you just want to level up and mess around we`re fine with that as well.

Our player base is mostly people who have lives outside WoW but who want to be the best that they can with very limited raid time; many of us have families, work shifts or have other real life commitments.

The main ethos behind Sanatory is team work and we expect everyone to contribute towards the smooth running of the team. Turn up on time, be considerate to other players, be geared and know your class, have a "what can I do for my guild" attitude. 

Our aim is to complete, or as near as we can, end game content at normal level while it is still current, but enjoy ourselves doing so. If we get to heroics that's a bonus and we drive to do our best at either level. Many of us have raided together for several years, but we welcome new members with open arms. 

Appropriately geared social members, and "alts" are able to raid if there's a spot to fill when a team member can't make a raid as well as on one of our "Free for All" raids

Don't raid? Not a problem! We welcome social and non-raiding members to do 5 mans, quest, PvP, old school raids or just hang out with friends.

PvP: We are primarily a PvE guild, but have a good number of active PvPers. We have a dedicated PvP officer and are trying to get a RBG team going.

Benefits: We offer guild paid repairs to all full members. Where possible we also supply cauldrons and feasts for raids. 


We are currently looking for: 

        - PvP orientated players to join our RBG, Arenas etc
        - PvE orientated players who are willing to in an effort to raid.
        - Social Members of all classes and specs to quest, level, do dungeons, PvP, raid support roles, hang out 
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